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What our clients have to say…

Rene from Elscomm has been wonderful to work with.  Rene started working with PRS Partners back in March 2017 and he has supported us greatly through our transition from storing data on a server based system to the cloud.  Moving our emails to the cloud was a significant project and Rene’s expertise in Office 365 was second to none and made the transition smoothly. The team at PRS Partners appreciate his availability, quick reply to queries and his IT expertise.  We look forward to working with Rene in the future and would not hesitate to recommend his firm to others.

Nathan Durant Director - PRS Partners, Sydney Thirroul & Miranda

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our technology provider, Elscomm.  They have been very helpful in providing us with suitable recommendations and guidance to fulfill our office technology needs.  Elscomm introduced us to Office 365 with a smooth and hassle free transition.

They always handle any IT issues that may arise with in our business in a n efficient and timely manner while always providing a professional service second to none. We are very pleased to have Elscomm on our side to help guide and manage us through the digital age and ensure our system is secure and well protected.

Darren Saunders Managing Director - Saunders Motor Group, Scone

Service continues uninterrupted and trouble free. Rene, I have had our internal exchange servers and services moved from office to office, and enterprise to enterprise, even country to country with teams of well-meaning and highly efficient geeks (including that lot from the little start-up in Seattle) and I have never had a transition go so smoothly. Not a hitch, not a hint of a wobble – thanks!

Chris Warrick Managing Director - Beachhead Management, Sydney CBD

The support that we have started in the last 12 months with the daily backups that ELSCOMM has organised for us is fantastic. I don’t have to worry about anything. Beforehand I had to do the backup myself and that involved many steps. Then if I was going away on holidays I had to explain to my staff how to do the backup procedure… I don’t have to worry about that anymore. What you have provided for our computers is just fantastic. It’s taken all of the worries out of computers crashing, because we know there is always a backup. Everyday I come in to work and I know I have an up-to-date backup that I can take off-site and for the rest, I know ELSCOMM takes care of that.

Gerard Schultz Manager - Flame Free, Gladesville

All that I want is when I have an issue with IT that it gets solved quickly. From my point of view ELSCOMM’s ReliableIT service is great at this.

Courtney Lister Manager - Continuum Wealth Planning, Botany

We were setup with an online backup service a few years ago that was to automatically backup the data on our server. Around a year ago, we engaged Elscomm to provide us with IT support. Part of their excellent service was to carry out an IT audit of our network. They found that the backup system we had in place had not worked for months. They recommended that we stop that service and sign up with their online backup service. We signed up straight away with Elscomm and luckily we did, because a few months later our server crashed and none of the data on the hard drives was recoverable. Elscomm was able to restore all the data from their online backup service overnight. We lost no data at all and experienced almost no down-time. It’s a horrible thought to think what would have happened if we had not gone with Elscomm’s backup service. We would have lost everything and would have had to start again from scratch. A daunting thought. We are so happy we signed with Elscomm.

Jeanine Carter Manager/Black Cat Roofing

A few months ago we nearly had a disaster but, thanks to elscomm, this was prevented. Being a user of elscomm’s 24/7 monitoring we were notified just in time about a failing hard drive in our server. They promptly arrived onsite to address the issue and did not stop working on it until the server was operational. With a combination of the onsite and remote backups done by elscomm our server was completely restored. We lost no data and were able to continue where we had left off. The data on the failed hard drive ended up being completely lost. Just imagine if we had no working backup.

Drew Morrow Morrow & Associates, Ultimo