Is it worth upgrading to iPhone 5?

Last week Apple released its new iPhone 5. From what I have read it lacks killer features, but still impresses.

I’ll briefly outline what’s new and different compared to the iPhone 4S.

Physical Appearance
It’s 8.6mm taller, 1.7mm thinner and weighs 28 grams lighter. The screen is also slightly larger than the iPhone 4S.

The A6 processor is apparently twice as fast and also provides twice as much graphics performance.

Battery life
Marginal improvement on the the iPhone 4S, but still nothing to write home about.

The rear camera on the iPhone 4S is already pretty impressive with its 8 mega pixels and other enhancements. The iPhone 5 boasts the same rear camera, but has spacial noise reduction and a smart filter for better low-light performance and faster image capture. The front (FaceTime) camera now shoots 720P HD video.

Head phone jack
The head phone jack is now located on the bottom of the phone instead of on the top.

The iPhone5 does support 4G, but whether or not it will be compatible with the current 4G network I can’t comment.

My recommendations is that if you have an iPhone 3S, then by all means upgrade. If you own an iPhone 4S it might be hard justifying the upgrade. on the basis features. But then again, I have read that most purchasing decisions are made with the heart then the mind is used to justify the decision.

While I have not reviewed the Samsung Galaxy III, I have heard that it boasts more features than the iPhones.


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