How to detect a phishing email

This week in Sydney the Police task force arrested 2 people in relation to different phishing frauds having scammed a total of $1.7M.  Although they didn’t have anything to do with each other they both used the same method. 

They got the debtors list of a big company and emailed each of them saying “our banking details have changed, for all future payments please pay here…” 

While they were very convincing (at least $1.7M worth of convincing) they did leave some telltale signs that you should know.  Not only this, all your staff should know too. 

Below is a cheat sheet with a sample phishing email and each of the signs for you to look at.  I recommend also forwarding this on to all your staff so they too know what to look out for.

Click the image to enlarge it or download a PDF version to forward to your team