Business IT Audit

The purpose of an IT audit is to establish the current scene in regards to your company’s technology then the ideal scene that you would like your business to be in.  From there we offer a step by step process to turn your existing scene into an ideal scene.

Establishing the Ideal Scene

Right from the initial meeting we start by first working out what is your company’s ideal scene.  Where would your business like to be.  Over the many years of doing this we find the ideal scene to be most often very far from the current existing scene.  We aim to paint a picture of the ideal scene from the viewpoint of the company’s owner or manager.

As technical specialists we must have an ideal scene established based off our knowledge of how technology should operate. This will help to locate outpoints in the existing scene.

Establish the Existing Scene

We then follow an extensive list of inspection point as well as questions to help establish the existing scene and locate the outpoints.  These subjects include:

  • Hardware
  • Connectivity
  • Software
  • Security
  • Data Storage & Protection
  • General

As well as a comprehensive survey on each staff in regards to what programs they use, what troubles they are having, how to optimize their job for upmost productivity.

If you would like more information on our IT Audit and how it might work for your business, please contact one of our friendly staff by calling (02) 8188 9777 or emailing [email protected]