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Want to know if WorkflowMAX will fit your business? Our team of professionals understand that every business runs differently. Let us sit down with you and make sure that WorkflowMAX can integrate with your business to get you where you want to go.



With your knowledge of your business and our knowledge of WorkflowMAX, together we can implement the best possible business solution. Before we start, we make sure we thoroughly understand how your business runs day-to-day so the actual implementation can be done in a fraction of the time. 



We have been using WorkflowMAX internally for over 3 years now. We can train your staff no matter the number of people of their competency level of WorkflowMAX. As a result your staff will be able to better utilize WorkflowMAX and add value to your business in places you may not even know about.

Based in south Sydney, Elscomm is an experienced cloud integrator and certified WorkflowMAX IT setup partner that has helped many small businesses with their journey to the cloud.

Cloud technology being new and with so many options out there it can be a difficult task to ensure your business not only picks the right services to use, but integrates them properly with other technologies. Our consultants have the expertise needed to rapidly implement and train your staff to use WorkflowMAX getting the most potential value from your investment. Call us today +61 2 8188 9777

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Here is just one of the implementations we have done.

Practical Access Solutions
"We are a small Rope Access company, working with Engineers, Builders and Architects to refurbish, paint, repair and make-safe multi storey buildings throughout Sydney.

The business seemed too straightforward to warrant an involved administrative system but when one honest client recently advised us that we had failed to invoice them for a number of small projects (well over $10,000 worth!) we figured it was time to arrive in the 21st century.

Our IT consultant Rene from Elscomm recommended WorkFlowMax. Rene configured the system for us and after a brief training session (brief because the system is so easy to understand and navigate) we were up and running."


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